Once upon a time…

The legend of bloodsucking creatures, dead people who come back to a kind of life, is reported to come from Slavic and Hungarian traditions. The word vampire comes from French, that comes from German and Serbian vampir.

The concept has changed lately, since some authors have developed characters that exist under different conditions from those of the Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  From Count Dracula –see Bela Lugosi in 1931- to Eric Northman –see Alexander Skarsgård in 2009- there is a world of differences, but at the same time a common set of features.

Dracula -Universal Pictures

Dracula -Universal Pictures

Eric -HBO

Eric -HBO

There is fear and fascination, there is something romantic in their mystery and suffering. There is something sexy in them, too. They are immortal -sort of-, they are powerful, they are beyond ourselves but part of us.

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One Response to Vampires

  1. fabi says:

    From another corner of my vampire-fan-side… I was commenting on this, so it’s fine to bring it here. Now I have noticed I have a bit of a mistake in the year of the movie.
    Do you like vintage movies? If you have a chance -and you have not done it already- try one of the early Dracula movies… Bela Lugosi was an incredible Dracula in 1930. Black & white film, vampire in white tie and tails, helpless female victims… Amazing! You have to be open minded otherwise you will just laugh at it and quit. If you watch it, there are so many things there that we can find in the ‘current’ vampires, the thirst, the fascination, the drama, the glamouring… actually even the sadness of the vampire.

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