First love, the Vampire Chronicles

I have considered vampires interesting characters since I remember, but I fell in love with them thanks to Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicles.

A bunch of years ago, a friend introduced me to ‘Interview with the vampire’… that was the beginning of a long term realtionship. The first four books of the saga are my favorites. Love the way -for me it was a first- she made them so human, so involved in human activities, in having a kind of live, feelings, fears, likes and dislikes, loving and hating, developing an organization of sorts, rules, relationships… and even a whole history of how the species was created. The Rice vampire world is complex and coherent, deep and full of different stories. Her characters react in particular ways to the fact of becoming a vampire, each of them a story, a personality, a life. Eventhough their interaction with human beings is limited, they are important in the stories, meaning much more than a first course.  They are strong, and powerful, -some of them more than others- but they are vulnerable and kind of sad also.

Still love her characters and their stories, almost all of them, cannot choose a favorite one, they made me enjoy so much. Recently, Rice has introduced twists in the series, mixing the vampires with her witchtes  -saga that I do not like- so I feel the main part of the magic has been lost… but it does not diminish my love for her original characters, while she kept her vampires in their world and their stories, it was great.  About the attempt to make films from the books, I prefer not to comment…  they do not qualify.

These books opened to me a whole parallel universe, a fangtasiland of sorts, where new authors participate now and which I am enjoying a lot!

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