Why True Blood

Let’s start with a fact, the story is about beings,  human and not-so-human, that interact in different ways.  So, I am not going to discuss them, I am talking about what I like. And, as I have said, I like vampires a lot.

True Blood -based in the Southern Vampire series of novels by Charlaine Harris- is a good story, has interesting characters and a whole world of possibilities, following the books or not.

I like… The idea of the alternative drink for vampires, developed by a japanese, as an original starting point.  The fact of vampires ‘out of the coffin’ -with its actual social referents- trying to integrate in human life. The main character -Sookie Stackhouse- and her problems as a mind-reader. Her personal story -not only her love life- as complicated as any could be. Mistery and fantastic events in a creative mix; in this the books are ahead of the show so far. -Darn! I promised myself not to compare and here I am.- The show has had great moments, well written and acted… as a sample? Godric! And last but not least, the character of Eric Northman, a force in the story, Sookie+him = conflict+attraction, strong, funny, intense, hard and delightful… more than ever when the gorgeous Alexander Skarsgård impersonates him, and I would like to state that Skarsgård is much more than a pretty face… and body… Well, he is also a good actor. He gives Eric all Eric should be, even a true nordic inheritance.  As I have said in other sites, EN and AS are a perfect match.

The story is being developed, Charlaine Harris is still writing about Sookie, the show is on the way… anything could happen to those characters. As many, I would like Sookie and Eric together ‘living’ the best life they could have.  Everything is to come.

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2 Responses to Why True Blood

  1. Cattic says:

    I read somewhere that Charlaine Harris said Eric was “the” male character in the story. I hope that means he is going to be “the” one for the girl.

  2. fabi says:

    I hope so.
    And I would love to see it in the TV show.

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