Why Twilight

I was a late Twilight reader, and a reluctant one I must admit.  I got to know the story after the movie was made, but I started with the books and read all of them before watching the film.  Again, vampires -or any beings- and how the different authors develop them and their world, is not under discussion for me, at least not here and now.

Twilight is full of human conflict and contradiction, in both human and non-human characters.  It is a love story, centered in a traditional ‘one girl and two guys’ triangle,  there are other characters and situations but are secondary to those three, their lives and conflicts.

What I like…  I can understand what they say and why they say it. I like a lot of what they say. He is a vampire, she is a human being,  he is old, she is young, it is a recipe for a disaster, but they are attracted and cannot help it. -What can I say? I am a sucker for romance and the impossible love is stuff of some of the best stories.- The conflict and tension from the start. The ‘other’ guy in her life is quite a nice guy. The idea of feeding from animals as an alternative diet is not new -some vampires characters have done that before- but taking it as a rule, as a way of ‘living’ in order to be able to live among people… is new -for me at least-.  The way she pushes him, the way he loses his patience with her, the way they love each other to pieces. The absolute over-compensation of the vampire that became a doctor, the gentle leader. The conflict with the shapeshifters-into-wolves, legendary enemies forced to cooperate. In their abnormal circumstances they are so normal sometimes, they have differences -just that some of them are a bit weird- as any couple, and as any couple have to solve them.

It is an enjoyable story, the movies have all the problems and advantages films could have, they try to put images to a story that we have already imagined, so there are rights and wrongs. Let’s see how the second movie goes among all the expectation.

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4 Responses to Why Twilight

  1. fabib says:

    I got an e-mail asking how ‘this’ is possible -‘this’=me liking Twilight- please, my friend, don’t overreact. Yes, I enjoy it, even more I participate in a TwilightFanForum, and like it.
    Yes, the doctor knows it, and no, he is not making a drama, he teases me sometimes but he knows the real threat is Eric Northman.

  2. cattic says:

    Come on, cool it. Arriving now. This half of the discussion makes me think that is just surprise and a bit of prejudice. Everyone is allowed, remember?
    The doctor involved in this 🙂 🙂 🙂 tell him I say ‘Hi’.

  3. fabib says:

    BlogWorld is weird sometimes. Yes, you are right, everyone is allowed. No harm done. ‘Hi’ delivered and replied.

  4. fabib says:

    The second movie -corresponding to the second book of the series- is rather good, better than the first one. Keeps well with the story and changes are nice. I think fans are pleased, I am.

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