Missing items

I have no idea how, but every now and then an item of my clothes gets lost during laundry. Specifically socks. It happened yesterday, I looked everywhere and it –because is just one of them of course– is simply not there. An annoying kind of magic.

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5 Responses to Missing items

  1. cattic says:

    😀 happens all the time, everywhere. 😀

  2. tjasateem says:

    I know right, and you know it even happens in public laundry places… there is just SOMETHING about the washing machines. Nobody ever said explicitly that they need fabric food, but I’m suspecting them!

  3. fabib says:

    that is it Tee! fabric is their food. the washing machine at home is feeding on my socks! omg… if I dont allow it would it die?

  4. tjasateem says:

    If you don’t allow it, it might start feeding on bigger pieces of clothes… like shirts and underwear!

  5. fabib says:

    Socks sacrifice in sight.

    But if it swallows my favorite ones, I’ll personally kill it!

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