Fan fiction

Fans also -I have mentioned the graphics- produce quite good written material. FanFics are a whole parallel universe that is developed alongside books, tv series, and movies. Interlacing original characters and events with new ones, they recreate and create situations, developing new points of view or results. Answers to the ‘what if’.

As a sample, have a look at this short story. Nyah -the author- has it at FanFiction.Net, it involves Charlaine Harris’ characters from the Sookie Stackhouse series of books. Enjoy this piece of the Sookieverse: The girl who was October.

Thanks Nyah.

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2 Responses to Fan fiction

  1. cattic says:

    That’s true, sometimes you find good stories among them.
    Had a look at that one. Good!

  2. fabi says:

    That author has many good ones.

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