This day…

Today is not only a day to remember the missing ones, or to be impressed with facts and figures, it’s a day to remind ourselves that the fight is here and is now.

Be careful


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One Response to This day…

  1. Activist/Council Board Member – London Benton was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS on July 13, 2005 but proven with much success: he has it; it doesn’t have him. His philanthropic contributions as board member on the Illinois department of health counsel have brought advancement to health, social justice and education on prevention and wellness to urban America for HIV/AIDS. London Benton continues to impact and educate with recent features on However it does not stop there, through his highly acclaimed testimonials, Radio 3 appearances, and keynote addresses, he has empowered thousands in educational powerhouses such as, but not limited to: Chicago State University, The University of Chicago, The Core Center and countless other educational programs, workshops, seminars, and focus groups.

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