Rolling Stone and True Blood

The September 2, 2010 issue of Rolling Stone magazine has a magnificent cover, an article, and some photos… about True Blood. You can also find the cover in HD at SkarsgårdNews. This is one of the inside pics… just love Alex in this photo!

Photograph by Matthew Rolston for

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6 Responses to Rolling Stone and True Blood

  1. fabi says:

    A comment in one of the Washington Post blogs says among other things… “I think it’s a pretty arresting cover shot that definitely grabs the attention of the viewer. And let’s face it, those folks are gorgeous.”

    Of course, there are complains already and people saying they are going to cancel the subscription to the magazine.

  2. Cattic says:

    Went there.
    Why didn’t you post the cover? I know this pic is kind of sexy and nice… and everything. But the one in the cover is wow!

  3. cattic says:

    Such a fuss! I can imagine the TV show got its rating and the magazine will sell extra issues… so it is working. But behind all this, there are people really thinking ‘that’ limited way.

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