Tennis again!

Va bien… I’m a fan and you know it.  🙂

The US Open Tennis Championships started its final stage last Monday, it will end on September 12th with the men’s final.  Roger Federer is playing this tournament. I cannot help it, I want him to win… always.

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7 Responses to Tennis again!

  1. cattic says:

    That makes the two of us.
    And he won today!

  2. maru says:

    And he is still on! Good luck!

  3. fabi says:

    Into quarterfinals!

  4. fabi says:

    He reached the semi-finals!

  5. maru says:

    OK, it is more of what has been said over and over again… but I like to read lines like this one from an ESPN writer today: “On Wednesday night, Federer — perhaps the greatest player in tennis history — was magnificent amid the mayhem.”

  6. fabi says:

    He lost in semifinals… long and intense match. 😦
    Let’s wait for the ‘matador’ to do his job.

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