Garden bits: Removing weeds


“A weed is technically just a plant in the wrong place.” I think this is a perfect description. Any plant can be considered a weed, if it grows where it is not supposed to be.

Removing weeds is one of those not-so-enjoyable gardening tasks, which I personally prefer to do after watering or having some rain, humid soil helps with the pulling, because I am talking about ‘hand-weed’, the selective one, the careful one.

There is an article in the BBC site with simple and useful advice, actually the first sentence of this post comes from it, fine for a garden bit.

Gardening is such a relaxing thing to do.

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2 Responses to Garden bits: Removing weeds

  1. webcandyy says:

    Fabi! I miss you dear! SLDL is down =( I miss all you guys. Gardening is relaxing when it’s not a chore that your mom makes you do. =P lol. I have another website in which we can keep in touch until I get the $ to pay for sldl. Please chat with me and such. =]

    • fabi says:

      😀 😀 The relaxing effect worked for me even when it was something mom made me do… I think is a personal thing.

      Miss you too. Miss SLDL.

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