Tennis Saturday

This was a wonderful Tennis Saturday. First an extremely good match, Nadal vs Murray playing at their best, and afterwards, Federer in a really great -glorious somebody said- performance to get to the final against Nadal tomorrow.


Allez Roger!

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5 Responses to Tennis Saturday

  1. fabi says:

    Reading David Ornstein’s comment on the BBC News I feel he is a guy after my own heart: “One was an absolute belter of a match, the other a cold-blooded demolition. It leaves us with the tantalising prospect of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer scrapping it out for the 22nd time in Sunday’s final; the latest instalment in one of the greatest rivalries the sport has ever seen.”
    Tomorrow I will try not to panic. Rafa is #1 and paying so well… Roger is Roger and them in a final is always good to watch.

  2. cattic says:

    I agree, the Nadal-Murray match was superb.
    Djokovic is really a good player, a very good one, but as the ‘guy after your own heart’ said it was demolition.
    I will be panicking with you tomorrow.

  3. cattic says:

    Curious, there was no panic for me yesterday. I loved it all.

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