Allez Roger!

Tennis of course. Federer of course. Fan speaking of course.

The Australian Open is on its way… Roger Federer and Gilles Simon played a great match in their second round. As John Lloyd on the BBC said: “It could have been a final, it was that good a match”.

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5 Responses to Allez Roger!

  1. cattic says:

    Oh.My.Dear.God!!! It was stressing!

  2. cattic says:

    “It’s not every day you see a player win a set without conceding a single point on serve. Mr Roger Federer, take a bow.” says David Ornstein in BBC News Sports Live Text for the Australian Open.
    And I say “Yes!!!!!”

  3. fabi says:

    As Federer goes into semifinals, Alix Ramsay says “…one of the greatest players ever to lift a racquet. ” and cannot be more right.

  4. fabi says:

    At the final today, it was really interesting to see a Djokovic strong even in the failures. He has grown up a lot as a player, and he looks really fit. Murray has a long way to the grand winning day… me thinks.

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