I enjoy playing with images, and sharing the results is a lot of fun too.

Here I will post a kind of gallery… most of it product of  my vampfan side, but there are others that came to life from different sides.

Some collages were made to be shared at Twilight fan sites  -thanks Jells for that last push in this direction-  about Twilight series themes, of course. My Lion&Lamb corner.

…and some are about True Blood characters and situations. Fangtasiland of sorts.

…and those from other sources and ideas, kind of… Variations .



4 Responses to Imagene

  1. cattic says:

    Two vamps and their ‘human’ objects of love… a kind of magic.

  2. JamaicaxSimone says:

    Wow they are really nice 😀

    • fabib says:

      🙂 thank you… I post new ones as I do them, this is the place to keep all my colls together, so visit when you want. 🙂

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