Plans and Projects… I have been considering changes in decor at home for ages, and finally I have started major changes in my studio. Old book shelves are going out, new ones are being organized, actually it is a do-it-yourself project, and I am enjoying it so much! At ease, taking my time, having fun even when the unexpected appears. Let’s say that my studio is showing all the similarities it has with life.

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New Year

A 365 days’ opportunity… to grab the fine things of life.


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Festive Season


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Seven essentials

I found these tips for gardening beginners at the daily green, seven essentials that are nice and true!



Make Compost

Use Compost

Plant Crops in Wide Beds


Feed the Soil, Not the Plants

Share Something

Be There


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World AIDS Day


Annie Lennox

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Time to move on

The tale is told.

Time to move on!

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165 years of Bram Stoker’s birth… Google joins the celebration by means of its doodle…  a vampire as the main issue.

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Encounter by Calvin Klein

Look at this!

CK new fragance: Encounter

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Vampire bits… Hotel Transylvania

A five-stake resort, the owner… Dracula! This is a particularly human approach to the Count, a fun character fond of luxury -he has quite a lavish place there- and an over protective dad.

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To love a vampire

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